Ambulance Services

To all Ambulance service providers, we are pleased to offer you this critical safety solution Free to both you and all Health care / NHS patients! Our address locator App solves the following issues (globally):

The Problems we solve

Problem 1.
You have opted to use the Advanced Mobile Location system.
Below you can find Ten reasons to use the Satnav Assistant mobile app as an AML Assistant.

Problem 2.
The GPS system has failed to locate the patient's address.

Problem 3.
The address has been wrongly or badly communicated.

Problem 4.
In darkness or low visibility it is sometimes difficult to locate the correct address. Our app displays a brief video to all patients describing how to help you ambulance crews locate an address in these conditions:

Problem 5.
The driver does not have local knowledge of that area.

Problem 6.
Your What3Words or other GPS app has led you to the wrong location
(This is not a criticism of that what3words, which has its good points, it does have its flaws though which, when locating an address, are overcome by the Satnav Assistant app)
The Satnav Assistant Global App gives an ambulance driver immediate access to the patient's written (CORRECT) address, images with descriptions, Map with local markings and navigation videos, leading the driver directly to the patient's property.
Please watch this brief explanatory video:

Ten reasons to use the Satnav Assistant mobile app as an AML Assistant

1. Percentage of AML messages with an average inaccuracy of more than 50M = 26%

2. Percentage of AML messages with an average inaccuracy of more than 100M = 3%

For the AML system to work:

3. The caller MUST be calling from a mobile phone.

4. Wifi scanning must be available and allowed during an Emergency call.

5. SMS must be allowed during an emergency call.

6. Normally, SMS does not require a data connection, for AML to work a data connection is necessary.

7. The emergency MUST be at the location of the caller.


8. In the SNA App, The addressee has the facility to update data up to within minutes of the emergency crews' arrival. This means that any changes to address access such as road works, local flooding etc. can be notified at very short notice.

9. On most occasions it will also be necessary to know a street name and house number, especially where location data is not pinpoint. The SNA app resolves those miscommunication issues.

10. The SNA mobile app displays an information video explaining to the caller how best to assist an emergency crew in finding their location in darkness or poor visibility situations.

Please be aware that the Satnav Assistant mobile App is equally effective anywhere in the world. It is currently available in 22 languages. This will be extended over time.