Individual seeking an address

If you are an individual, simply trying to locate the address of a friend, business, place to visit etc. then the SatnavAssistant is available to you free of charge for life.

Please be aware that, as an individual user, your access to assistance data as an individual will be restricted to private usage levels.

How does it work?

The person you are visiting will have downloaded the app to allow you both to benefit from this service (if they have not already done so please encourage them to right that wrong, from Google Play Store or Apple Istore).

  • Obtain the App I.D. number from the addressee and enter it into your app.
  • You will then be presented with text descriptions of the exact property location along with one or more of:
  • Picture images (often with additional text information) Map images (which will mostly have been enhanced by the addressee with arrow and text help) Video clips/s (describing exactly how to find the address when your satnav has failed you).