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How does Satnav Assistant help Delivery Services??

Problem 1.
Your GPS system has failed to locate the delivery address.
(“Satnavs” are a fantastic location tool, however, they have their weaknesses).

Solution 1.
Our system does not require a GPS signal at that crucial final part of the journey. The items of data that the driver has available – text / images / customer map / video - all supplied by the addressee - will guide the driver, quickly, to the correct location.

Problem 2.
The customer is not at home

Solution 2.
Your customer will be encouraged to add text and image data showing where to leave the package when they are not at home

Problem 3.
The customer's address has been wrongly or badly communicated.

Solution 3.
The first item of data a driver receives on the App is the correct end address.
Any address errors – house number – postcode etc., can be immediately resolved.

Problem 4.
The driver does not have local knowledge of that area.

Solution 4.
The Satnav Assistant data uses local knowledge which can guide you away from problems such as road blockages / closures, flooding and other hazards. (For example – Satnav Assistant will not send you the wrong way up a one way street or down a dirt track as you approach your destination!).

Problem 5.
Your What3Words app has led you to the wrong location

Solution 5.
a. The driver is able to cross check the given address with that on the app.
b. If the Customer's I.D. Is miss typed, the error is immediately detectable.
c. No GPS signal is required to locate the destination address.

Problem 6.
Delivery Services are often held responsible even if the address was badly communicated.

Solution 6.
By encouraging your customers to download the Satnav Assistant App you are handing them more control over timely delivery success. If they choose not to download the app and the address is badly communicated, not found or they are not at home, some responsibility will lay with the customer

Problem 7.
Locating a customer's address at night or in poor visibility can be problematic for the Driver.

Solution 7.
The Satnav Assistant mobile App allows the customer to view a brief video, explaining how they can help you find them in these circumstances (sample below)

We request your assistance in asking your customers to download their Free Satnav Assistant App from Google or Apple stores

The SatnavAssistant operates on two platforms, both of which you will have full access to:

The website (satnavassistant.com) – which allows full administrative functionality.

The mobile phone application – which allows your customers to create assistance documents, and your drivers to access those documents when needed. (examples of the types of documents available can be seen on this brief explanatory video)

Brief Tutorial Videos

(For your drivers) - Help me to find an address

(For your customers) - Let my address be found

(For your organisation) - Admin area

Those of your customers who are using the SatnavAssistant application will have created assistance documents using their local knowledge, taking your driver directly and quickly to their front door, or delivery location if they are not at home.