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Incorrect addressing and addresses not found costs you and your Organisation time, money and reputation.
The Satnav Assistant app and website offer a truly effective LAST MILE DELIVERY solution for large and small businesses and for private individuals.

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What does Satnav Assistant do?

  • If you or your driver’s destination address is not found or has been incorrectly written, the SatnavAssistant App will allow you to print or view one or more documents supplied by the addressee (such as local map with assisting markers, images, text video etc.). It will also give you access to the correct address.

This Website allows businesses such as delivery, taxi and logistics companies full administration and financial control of the system.

  • If you live (or work) at an address which is “difficult to find”, the SatnavAssistant App will allow you to easily create one or more documents that will allow your deliverer / visitor to pinpoint your address. Once your simple setup is completed, you can make your data available to anyone you choose, for as long as you live at that address.

Who does SatnavAssistant assist?

If you or your driver cannot locate an address because of Satnav failure or because the address has been badly written
If you live at an address which is difficult to find,
SatnavAssistant is your solution!

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